EOT Crane Operator

Position Title: EOT Crane Operator
Position Type: Full Time
Number of Positions: One (1)
Reports To: Ferrous Smelter

Job Location: Chambishi, Zambia

Position Summary and Requirements

The Electrical Overhead Crane installed at Yellowstripe Resources Zambia Limited is part of both the scrap and smelting section of the steel manufacturing processes. It used to transfer scrap from the scrap yard to the furnaces including transferring the molten metal to the Continuous Casting Machine using the Laddle. The EOT Crane Operator is responsible for operating the overhead crane installed at Yellowstripe Resources Zambia Limited. The suitable candidate must have the required experience and skills that include the following:-

  • Experience in operating an Overhead crane to lift, move and position various loads such as scrap through the electromagnet or molten metal by using the ladle.
  • Extensive knowledge on working principles of an overhead crane including the knowledge of using hoisting attachments such as the electromagnet or ladle and observes load hook ups and determines safety of loads.
  • Manipulates or depresses crane controls to regulate speed and direction of the crane and hoist movement according to written, verbal or signal instructions.
  • Cleans and maintains the crane operating cabin and hoisting mechanisms.
  • Inspecting the crane for defective parts and liaises with other senior staff and the equipment maintenance workshop.
  • Proven experience of Five (5) year experience operating and maintaining an overhead crane used in the steel manufacturing industry.

This positions reports directly to the Ferrous Smelter that utilizes the crane installed at Yellowstripe Resources for the transfer of both scrap and molten steel. Implementing these duties and working as a team with all the members of the scrap yard including the smelting Section, and the other supporting sections such as the equipment maintenance workshop are key responsibilities of the EOT Overhead Crane Operator.

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To apply for this position please send your CV with relevant qualifications to jobs@ysresources.com no later than the 28th of February 2018. Please ensure that you mention www.gozambiajobs.com as the source of this job advertisement.

Please note that only successful candidates will be contacted.

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